Cli app can move files/folders to the trash without any dangerous

Works on Windows 8 or higher, Linux (any platform), and macOS (10.12+).

The problem of rm which is dangerous and permanently delete files, and you can’t restore it, manx just moves them to the trash, which is much safer and reversible .


$ npm i -g @abdfnx/manx


$ manx --help

	  $ manx <file/folder> […]

	  # file
	  $ manx xcode.tsx layout.tsx edge.tsx
	  $ manx '*.tsx' '!xcode.tsx'
	  # folder
	  $ manx app

Pro Tip

if you want to use rm, you can add alias rm=manx to your .zshrc/.bashrc to reduce typing & safely trash files: $ rm manx.svg.

Private thank

I offer special thanks to @sindresorhus and his cool package trash.